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The digital way.


This is me

I'm Bahar, a passionate Design Strategist dedicated to tackling design challenges within an agile framework. My journey was enhanced with a degree from the IADT in the Design for Change program, where I honed my skills and knowledge as a Design Strategist, cultivating a deep understanding of user needs and improving my design thinking abilities.

With a background in Software Engineering and Design Strategy, I bring a unique perspective and a diverse skill set to the table, enabling me to solve problems creatively across both physical and digital realms.

CX/ UX Strategy  Design Strategist 
Service Designer 

 Digital Strategist Product Designer 

Events Planner    Exhibit Designer  Creative Initiatives

Bahar Esmaeili.jpg

I advise companies
and agency in the most user-friendly services and products.

I am a multifaceted Design Strategist with UX/CX Strategy, Research, Design, and Marketing expertise.

Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of working in various roles within IT, Marketing and advertising, Supply Chain, Retail, and Education, accumulating over a decade of experience. I am particularly passionate about Human-Centered Design and find joy in facilitating workshops and leading design teams through exciting projects and events.

I am proficient in leading and gathering requirements, conducting qualitative/quantitative research, and synthesizing insights for user-centred products and services. I'm skilled in facilitating and leading discovery workshops and interviews and providing strategic guidance to cross-functional teams.

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